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Zotharr is a radiant idol who calls itself the Idol of Death.[1]


Zotharr appears as an ordinary radiant idol; that is, as a beautiful, 9‑foot-tall (2.7‑meter) humanoid that glows with an inner light, but whose beauty is marred by bloody stumps where its wings should be.[2]


Zotharr is manipulative, controlling, and evil.[1]


Zotharr possesses the abilities of a typical radiant idol.[1]


Zotharr lives in Sharn, where it is worshiped by a small but loyal cult that meets in Marquan's Rooms for Let, a small business in the Boldrei's Hearth district of Sharn. The cult is led by Kielsten Marquan after Zotharr killed the previous cult leader for balking at performing a human sacrifice.[1]

Zotharr demands gifts from its cult, and as the loyalty of the cult increases it asks for increasingly extravagant gifts. It has seduced its worshipers into committing robbery, kidnapping, and even ritual murder in order to please it.[1]


Like all radiant idols, Zotharr was once an angel of Syrania, but the desire to be worshiped by mortals caused it to fall and be banished.[2]