Zorlan d'Cannith

Zorlan d'Cannith is a baron of House Cannith. He governs Cannith East from Korth, in Karrnath. His territories include Karrnath, Mror Holds, Talenta Plains, Lhazaar Principalities, and Q'barra. His talent with finance and eye for profit makes him a trusted advisor to the Gorgon.

Cousin to the former leader of the house, Starrin d'Cannith, Zorlan grew up in Cyre, relocating to Karrnath alongside the first warforged ordered by that nation. Taking up residency, he acted as both emissary of the House and advisor to Kaius ir'Wynarn II, consolidating Cannith's influence. He utilized profitable contracts with the Mror Holds and the Lhazaar Principalities to perpetuate the House's profit, and in so doing became an advisor to the Gorgon. Where once Cannith had a mere outpost in Karrnath, Zorlan's leadership has enabled the House's wealth and prestige to grow.

The man is well known for his shrewd manner and mind for business, though some fear that his time spent in Karrnath has influenced him too deeply. Indeed, Zorlan's gifts are countered by a cold, cruel personality that unnerves many within the house, some of whom dread that his ambition has led him to make pacts with dishonorable groups.

Rumors abound that he has fallen in with the Blood of Vol in an attempt to gain further power, and indeed, he has proven a devout follower, with aspirations for a position within the cult's lay clergy, and personally conducting services for house members from time to time.


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