Lord Warden Zaxon d'Kundarak is the commander of Dreadhold, the island prison of House Kundarak.[1][2]

History Edit

Zaxon d'Kundarak has been the commander of Dreadhold for over one-hundred years.[1]

Along with King Kaius III of Karrnath he is one of the few people to know the true identity of Prisoner Deep Fourteen.[1]

Appearance & Personality Edit

The Lord Warden is called "the Old Rock" by the other dwarves of the prison for his stony demeanor.[1] He is a careful judge of character who rarely displays emotion.[1]

He has a long reddish-brown beard and a balding pate.[1][2]

Abilities Edit

Zaxon d'Kundarak has numerous permanent spells he has imbued onto himself to help with his duties and personal protection. They allow him to communicate with his immediate subordinates and vice-versa.[1]

Notes Edit

Although the Lord Warden bears the official last name of House Kundarak there is no indication that he has the Mark of Warding.[1] The novel the Storm Dragon indicates he has the mark along the back of his left hand.[2]

Keith Baker has suggested on his website that Zaxon d'Kundarak's command over Dreadhold would be considered an awesome responsiblity and that, in addition to overseeing the prison, he also monitors much of the secret magical research of House Kundarak there.[3]

References Edit

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