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Zartarxis, called the Green Watcher, is a green dragon assigned to watch over Xen'drik and ensure that the giants or others do not use their foul magics again. He is also incredibly lazy.[3]


Zartarxis resembles a typical adult green dragon, but centuries of good meals and little exercise have left him extremely obese. Zartarxis's face is droopy, and his eye slits make him look perpetually sleepy.[3]


Zartarxis keeps a clan of trolls as his minions, as well as a spirit naga and her clan of lizardfolk.[3]

Zartarxis dislikes the giants of the Domains of Purity and the Scriveners of the Sky and sees their activities as responsible for his recent shaming by the Eyes of Chronepsis. The giants in turn despise Zartarxis because of his attacks on them.[2]


Zartarxis is the latest Green Watcher, a post held by green dragons for thousands of years. A Green Watcher's duties are to watch over Xen'drik, ensure that the curse on the giants does not falter, and keep giant artifacts that carry foul magic from falling into the wrong hands. While some of his predecessors considered the posting a great honor, Zartarxis quickly grew to hate being Green Watcher because of its solitude and the discomforting jungle environs.[3]

After the first few decades of his post, Zartarxis succumbed to laziness, preferring to remain in his lair and have his trolls bring him his meals and clean him instead of carrying out his duties. For centuries, Zartarxis remained idle, missing the establishment of Stormreach, as well as the growth of several giant organizations. Recently, a visit from several members of the Eyes of Chronepsis finally stirred him into resuming his duties.[3]