Zaeurl is an elven woman, and a natural lycanthrope. She is the leader of the Dark Pack, a pack of werewolves and worgs that hunt in southern Droaam.
My people were driven from our homeland, burned out of the woods that had sheltered us for generations. My father was butchered before my eyes, and it was the Mockery's luck that allowed me to escape.
  — Zaeurl - The Queen of Stone page 116


She has a great hatred for the Church of the Silver Flame due to witnessing the massacre of her own family at their hands during the church's purge of lycanthropy over 160 years ago. After the event, she spent 130 years hunting followers of the Silver Flame, and then retreated to the Eldeen Reaches where she formed the pack.

She is extremely loyal to the Daughters of Sora Kell whom have offered her and her pack sanctuary in Droaam, and often leads her pack against the hags' enemies.


Zaeurl is featured as a minor character in the novel The Queen of Stone.


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