Yuan-ti are a monstrous race of psionic snake-people.[1][2]

History Edit

The yuan-ti are believed to be fallen shulassakar by their feathered kin, though this relation is disputed.[3] Others believe them to be humans warped by magic.[4]

The yuan-ti emerged from Khunan following the mage-wars that began The Sundering, and unified the region into the nation of Syrkarn. The Inspired led an invasion of the nation, and drove most of the yuan-ti out of Sarlona.[4][5]

The fleeing yuan-ti were offered sanctuary by the dragons of Argonnessen.[5] The yuan-ti were eventually driven from the continent after a cult of yuan-ti in the city of Io'vakas uncovered forbidden magic. The dragons destroyed the city, and many surviving yuan-ti fled across the sea for Xen'drik.[6]

Appearance & Personality Edit

The yuan-ti are psionic humanoids with serpentine traits, varying in power and form depending on exact type.[1]

The yuan-ti are thought to be touched by dark forces, and those encountered are generally secretive with a societal tendency towards cruelty.[7]

The yuan-ti of Xen'drik seek to harness the Draconic Prophecy for themselves.[3]

Types Edit

Yuan-ti have multiple castes, ranging from snakelike humans to humanoid snakes.

  • Pureblood: The purebloods are humanoids with minor serpentine traits and lesser psionic abilities. They can most easily pass as humans among the yuan-ti.[1]
  • Halfbloods: The half-bloods are more monstrous and possess greater power, with a snake for a head or other unusual traits such as snakes for arms or snake tails for legs.[1][2]
  • Abominations: Yuan-ti abominations are the lords of the yuan-ti, and are snakelike monsters with two arms and a single tail.[2]

Other, rarer examples exist outside of this strict hierarchy.

  • Anathema: Yuan-ti anathema are massive demigods of the yuan-ti. They have multiple snakeheads either as arms, or emerging as a central head.[8]
  • Wretchlings: Yuan-ti wretchlings are humans warped into monstrous servants of the yuan-ti cults of Xen'drik.[9]

Lands Edit

The yuan-ti were driven from their kingdom of Syrkarn in Sarlona, and then from the interior of Argonnessen. Now the yuan-ti reside in hidden communities in Xen'drik and the shores of Argonnessen.[3][4][5][10]

Some yuan-ti remain in Khunan ruins of Syrkarn.[4][5] Others hide within Khunan enclaves in Syrkarn and Valenar, while some cabals in Khorvaire will pose as strange religions.[7][11]


The yuan-ti of Io'vakas worshiped the Sovereigns. One sect worshiped the Dragon Gods directly, and pursued forbidden magic, resulting in the city's destruction and their exile.[5]

The yuan-ti cultists of Xen'drik worship the Devourer as a world-consuming serpent, and hold the dream serpents as a sacred animal.[10]

Notable Names Edit

  • Tava Rassa: A yuan-ti anathema worshiped as a god by the yuan-ti and their lizardfolk slaves.[12]


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