Yeraa is a hobgoblin character featured in the adventure Seekers of the Ashen Crown. She is the leader of the Kech Volaar clan or as they are known in common the Wordbearers.
I am Yeraa, leader of these Kech Volaar seekers. Arkantaash belongs to goblinkind. Six Kings belongs to goblinkind. Name your price for Ashurta's Blade, which I believe you have acquired. Then leave this place, and if you desire peace, do not return.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.
Yeraa met a House Lyrandar exile named Delan about a year ago and recruited him and his airship the Kordanga. Later she met Tikulti in Rhukaan Draal and recruited him to assist her and her comrades in finding the pieces of the Ashen Crown which she hoped to collect in order to become the ruler of Darguun.

After arriving in Sharn Yeraa sent a group of her warriors to seek out Ashurta's Blade in a ruin in the Cogs but they failed. She later travelled to Six Kings and outside met a group of adventurers whom assisted her in obtaining a piece of the crown. After Six Kings Yeraa, the Kech Volaar and the adventurers went to Graywall where they attempted to excavate the final piece of the Ashen Crown however they were betrayed by Tikulti and killed.

Yeraa planned to bring the completed Ashen Crown to her trusted adviser Huugan of Rhukaan Draal.
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Yeraa is described as having a deep feminine voice and to be wielding a sword on her back.


Yeraa is a level 4 controller (leader) and her full statistics can be found in adventure book two on page 29.


Yeraa has a +2 resounding bastard sword, chainmail, 100gp, a wand and her leather journal.


  • The alignment of this character is officially documented as unaligned though this could be a typo as the unaligned alignment is usually reserved for creatures with an intelligence too low to understand the boundaries between good and evil. The alignment provided by this wiki is an educated approximation.
  • In the image provided there is no official indication the female hobgoblin is Yeraa though since the pictured character wields a sword on her back it can be assumed it is her.
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