Xorn are scavengers from the plane of Lamannia. They are devourers of earth, and enjoy the taste of exotic gems more than anything else.[1][2]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Xorns are very alien-looking creatures, with very wide bodies made of a pebbly, stone-like material. They have one large mouth on the top of its head, with powerful jaws on either side, and a row of sharpened teeth. Three long arms emerge from its torso and angle upwards. These arms end in three-fingered hands with sharpened talons. Between each of its three arms are three eyes, and at its base are three short, thick legs directly beneath one of the eyes.

In general, Xorns ignore the goings-on of beings of the Material Plane, preferring to keep their attentions, and appetites, on the earth below. Xorns enjoy eating rock, and consider the eating of rare metals a delicacy. Xorns can be aggressive when hunting for food, however, and have been known to attack people who may possess rare gems or metals.[1]


Xorns are designed to devour as much earth as possible. Their alien digestive system, however, cannot eat meat or other organic materials. They use their talons to burrow through rock, devouring as they travel. Their burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, though. In addition to traditional types of vision, such as darkvision, xorns also possess tremorsense. The positioning of the xorns' eyes prevent the creature from being flanked. In addition, xorns are resistant to most damage, including electrical damage, and are immune to cold and fire damage.[1]


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