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Wyrmwatch is a small village in the new frontier of Q'barra. A part of the nation of Hope, Wyrmwatch has been growing in its past three years of existence. It has become the home of those who want to tame a wilderness, but do not subscribe to the ideals of New Galifar.[1][2]


When the Kingdom of Galifar splintered, there were those who believed so much in its ideals that they decided to begin anew. They formed the nation of New Galifar within the jungle of the untamed Q'barra. However, in the wake of the Last War, and with the destruction of Cyre on the Day of Mourning, a large number of people fled to Q'barra. However, they did not subscribe to the tenets of New Galifar; instead, they were more interested in taming a wilderness and making a living. These refugees formed a number of villages at the base of the Endworld Mountains and bound themselves together as a nation called Hope.[3] The largest of these villages is Wyrmwatch.[1]

Since its formation three years ago, Wyrmwatch has been attacked by various kobold and lizardfolk tribes, as well as bands of Valenar raiders. The inhabitants of Wyrmwatch are highly xenophobic, and they have a tenuous trade alliance with the various dragonborn clans of Q'barra.[2] Wyrmwatch is under threat from the dragonborn under the command of Mishva Garodya Stormhorn.[4]


Wyrmwatch is a large frontier village at the base of the Endworld Mountains. It is walled in stone on a set of rocky hills above a fertile plain. It has access to both farming and mining, and uses those resources to build stable trade relations.[2]


Wyrmwatch is led by Elder Wedon Nevillom, a veteran of the Last War and a devout cleric of the Church of the Silver Flame. Nevillom's experiences in the Last War and his energetic preaching have made him an ideal leader. However, his view of the Silver Flame is a puritanical view, and he continues to preach beliefs that most clerics of the Silver Flame have abandoned.[1]




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