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Wraiths are powerful incorporeal undead spirits who seek to consume the energy of the living.[1] Like most other undead they are animated by the plane of Mabar. They also have a chance to appear in Dolurrh manifest zones when magic is used to resurrect the dead.[4]



Giant wraiths defend an ancient city in Xen'drik

Some wraiths have existed for thousands of years guarding giant ruins in Xen'drik, such as the City of Gold or the Oasis of Blood.[5][6]

More recently, the fighting of the Last War left many battlefields haunted by wraiths and other undead, including the Crying Fields of Aundair, and Valin Field in Thrane.[7][8]

Notable Wraiths[]

  • The Shrouds gang in Stormreach have several wraiths as members.[9]


Wraith is a rank for House Phiarlan agents who are part of the Serpentine Table.[10]

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