As arcane magic is a well established and prestigious craft in the world of Eberron, Brelish arcanists have over time formed spellcasting guilds known as wizards circles. Despite the name, these circles are open to sorcerers and artificers as well. Joining a circle is very expensive, and in addition to membership dues circles take a percentage of any profits that members make by selling their spellcasting abilities. In exchange, the circles provide storefronts for members wishing to sell their spellcasting services, provide free room and board to members, and procure discounts for members that wish to use the circle's magical services themselves. Members of a circle often share information about spellcasting with one another, and both currently active circles maintain libraries of spell scrolls.

Formed in the age of Galifar, Breland has been home to three wizards circles: the Esoteric Order of Aureon, the Guild of Starlight and Shadows, and the Closed Circle. Each wizard circle specializes in different forms of magic, with the Closed Circle being notable for studying the dark magic of Khyber and the daelkyr. As a result of its practice of dark magic the Church of the Silver Flame, with assistance of the other two wizard circles, destroyed the order in 641 YK. The two surviving orders continue to operate in major cities across Breland.

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