Wingwyrds are the descendants of gargoyles touched by the Silver Flame. These gargoyles are now more pale-looking than their former brothers, and serve their lives protecting the various temples and cathedrals of the Church of the Silver Flame, or acting as messengers on the church's behalf.[1]


Most wingwyrds serve the Silver Flame. However, some wingwyrds serve as companions to clerics and paladins of other good-aligned faiths.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Wingwyrds look like normal gargoyles, but with pale gray wings and pale gray skin. They also have more sharply pointed ears, broader noses, jet-black eyes, and horns that curve back from their brow.

Unlike gargoyles, wingwyrds are very intelligent and personable. They enjoy speaking with others, and especially enjoy discussing the Silver Flame or religious theory in general with anyone who will listen. For them, though, duty will always prevail over other pleasures.[1]


Wingwyrds possess much of the same abilities as gargoyles do. They are less resistant to damage, but more resistant to spells. When they die, they explode in a burst of silvery flame, damaging nearby evil-aligned creatures. Wingwyrds do extra damage to evil outsiders.[1]


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