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Werewolves are humanoids afflicted with a form of lycanthropy that forces or allows them to take on wolf-like forms.[1]



Werewolves are weak against silver. Especially when it's in a warforged.

There are two types of werewolf, just as with any other lycanthrope: the natural and the afflicted. Both natural and afflicted werewolves can pass on the curse of lycanthropy, but natural werewolves are the children of werewolf parents and are born werewolves. Natural werewolves and afflicted werewolves that are aware of their affliction can assume two different forms. These forms can be assumed at any time, though they feel the urge to change more when in physical danger or during the full moon. These forms consist of a wolf form and a hybrid humanoid/wolf form. Both forms grant them extra forms of attack and better defenses, as well as certain weaknesses, such as an aversion to silver. The curse of lycanthropy can be passed on in one of two ways: by attacking a victim when in an alternate form or by procreating with another werewolf.[1]


Werewolves are few in number, largely due to the efforts of the Church of the Silver Flame. A few werewolves might still hunt in places like the Eldeen Reaches and Droaam but most succumbed to the Lycanthropic Purge or disappeared into Lamannia.[2][3]

One place on Khorvaire where werwolves are welcome is the Dark Pack in Droaam.[4][5]


Many believe that shifters are lycanthropic descendants. However, shifter druids assert the opposite, that lycanthropes are shifters modified by the daelkyr.[3]


The Lycanthropic Purge[]

See the Silver Crusade for more detail.
In 832 YK, after an increase in power of the lycanthropic curse, the Church of the Silver Flame launched an inquisition to exterminate all lycanthropes from Khorvaire. This lasted fifty years and was largely successful. Those that were not killed went into hiding or escaped to Lamannia, where they now thrive outside of the Church's reach. During this crusade, many shifters were also initially killed, but three years into the conflict they were absolved of any connection to their alleged ancestors. Some, such as the famous Bennin Silverclaw, aided the Church and brought down lycanthropes themselves, probably leading to more than a little distrust in the werewolves.[6][7]

Though the inquisition is long over, the Church of the Silver Flame still hunts werewolves and other lycanthropes should they catch wind of them, but with the goal being to cure or exile them to Lamannia. Only if those options fail is lethal force authorized.[7]

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