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Wereboars are humanoids cursed with lycanthropy, forcing them to transform into a boar.[1]


Wereboars initially resemble a normal humanoid in their humanoid form. However, over time they will become more boarlike, becoming more stocky and muscular. When a wereboar transforms, they resemble a boar or a hybrid of boar and humanoid.[1]


Wereboars gain the increased strength and resilence and while transformed, the goring tusks of a boar. They can pass on the curse of lycanthropy through thir tusks.[1] Fighting them


Around 800 YK, the power of the lycanthropic curse began to grow, corrupting good and neutral lycanthropes and packs of evil lycanthropes began to spread across western Khorvaire. In response to this, the Church of the Silver Flame initiated the Lycanthropic Purge in 832 YK, particularly in what is currently Aundair and the Eldeen Reaches.[2][3] The campaign was long and brutal, as the average wereboar was more powerful than the average Silver Flame templar, but eventually the tide turned in the favor of the Silver Flame.[2] This purge almost wiped out wereboars on Khorvaire, but some fled to Lamannia, while others hid in dark corners of the Eldeen Reaches and Droaam.[4][5]

During the Last War, wereboars fought for Droaam as part of the Beast Brigade.[6]


Since the events of the Lycanthropic Purge, wereboars are unknown in most of Khorvaire outside of the Eldeen Reaches and Droaam.[2][4][5] Wereboars can be found in Lamannia, and sometimes appear in Lamannian manifest zones, such as the Ahdryatmin valley in Adar on the continent of Sarlona.[7][8]

Wereboars have also been spotted in Xen'drik[9]

Notable Wereboars[]

  • Ladislav Hightor, the Boar of Cyre: A dwarf wereboar who became a Cyran soldier and folk hero during the Last War.[10]


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