The Wardens of the wood are one of the many Druidic sects residing in the Eldeen Reaches

The Wardens of the Wood directly serve Oalian and act as his eyes and ears throughout the region. The Wardens of the Wood, like the Gatekeepers, maintain static communities where children are raised and taught. The Wardens of the Wood dominate the region. Over the last three decades they have spread out across the plains as well as continuing to occupy the great forest. The Wardens seek to maintain the balance between civilization and nature. Human, orc, bird, and beast all have a place in the world—they just need to be provided with the proper aid and guidance.

The Wardens protect travellers from bandits, rabid beasts, and the aberrations that lurk in the shadows. They have no problem with agriculture and animal husbandry, as long as both land and beast are treated with respect and compassion. They work with farmers and ranchers to ensure that the needs of nature are met. The druid sects have little influence outside the Eldeen Reaches.

Within the great forest, there are friendly ties between the Wardens of the Wood and the Gatekeepers. The other sects respect the Great Druid, but generally come together only for important conclaves and rituals. Oalian has forbidden open conflict between the druid sects. However, individual druids and rangers often follow their own hearts.

Wardens of the Wood often interfere with Ashbound raids, and the Children of Winter occasionally clash with members of other sects. However, all personal vendettas are set aside while druids are in Greenheart or in the presence of the Great Druid.

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