Warden is a warforged warlock servant of Hadar who journeyed to the world of Toril, who appeared in Idle Champions, a Forgotten Realms video game.[1][2]


Warden is a lean, hooded warforged with glowing green eyes, fashioned from dark metal that over time has become tainted with writhing, eldritch corruption.[1]


Designed to be immortal, Warden draws warlock powers from a pact with the Elder Evil Hadar, who grants the use of a hexblade. Warden often uses a hex to cripple foes, coupled with spells like cloak of flies and eldritch smite. The warforged can also call on the hunger of Hadar when needed.[1]


Warden's hexblade, the Teeth of Hadar, is fused to their right arm. The left, meanwhile, is fused to a magical shield covered in eldritch runes and twitching tentacles. Warden carries an amulet containing the blood of Piscaethces, a ragged cloak from the city of Xxiphu, and a talisman of pure shadow. An eldritch tome attributed to Pandorym is strapped to Warden's right leg.[1]


While the Last War raged, House Cannith built an enormous subterranean prison complex to contain alien and extraplanar threats for all time. It was even equipped with its own Creation Forge.[2] The warforged Warden was built to be the immortal jailer of this prison.[1][2]

However, on the Day of Mourning in 994 YK, the prison fell,[2] and Warden became corrupted by the very things that the construct was created to imprison. Becoming a servant of Hadar, Warden journeyed to another world, Toril, to procure souls for the Dark Hunger to corrupt and devour.[1]



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