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Vvaraak was the black dragon who taught the first Gatekeepers and began the druidic tradition in western Khorvaire sixteen thousand years ago, during the Age of Monsters.[1][3][2][4][5][6] She was also known as the Scaled Apostate.[1] The Seren druids call her the Ebon Mother.[2]


Vvaraak was a black dragon who traveled to Khorvaire over 16,000 years ago to teach the orcs the secrets of druidic magic.[1][2] She did so to halt a great disaster she had foreseen, presumably the Daelkyr War, the incursion of daelkyr and their aberration servants from Xoriat, the Realm of Madness.[1][3][2][4] However, the threat she predicted may not have yet come to pass.[3][2]

The dragons of Argonnessen consider Vvaraak a draconic rogue, who shared the secrets of druidic magic to the unworthy after being denied by the Conclave of Argonnessen.[2]

Vvaraak taught the orcs druidic magic over the course of a century, before departing to spread the Gatekeeper tradition around the rest of Eberron.[2] She is said to have taught them the secrets of creating the first horrid animals.[7] She may even have descended into the depths of Khyber to teach the Gatekeeper tradition to creatures such as the derro.[2]

It is unknown if she was destroyed by the Eyes of Chronepsis for her actions, or even if her actions were approved by the Conclave in the first place.[2]


She is respected by the Gatekeepers of the Shadow Marches as their teacher.[8] Some tribes of the lizardfolk of Q'barra and Xen'drik practice Gatekeeper traditions in her honor.[2]

Locations such as Vvaraak's Cave and the Mystic Glade in western Khorvaire are said to still bear lingering magic from her presence.[1][2]


Vvaraak was a child of Eberron, the sovereign path of the draconic adherents of Thir who seek to be closer to nature. The dark aspect is recognizable to humanoids as the Devourer, the Sovereign of Wave and Whelm of the Dark Six. The light aspect is Arawai, the Sovereign of Life and Love of the Sovereign Host.[2]



Vvaraak was misidentified in the Eberron Campaign Setting, page 241, as a green dragon. This was corrected in the errata. This was repeated in Races of Eberron and Rising from the Last War. All other references to Vvaraak that specify her color identify her as a black dragon.[2][4]