Vor Rukoth is a 4th edition supplement detailing a Tiefling ruin for use as an adventure site. It was designed by Greg Bilsland and released in July 2010 and is quoted as being suitable for characters levels 1-15.   

Summary[edit | edit source]

Vor Rukoth details the ancient Tiefling city ruin of the fallen Bael Turath empire. It is not designed as a quest but rather an adventure site that can be weaved into existing games. It comes with pre-made encounters, details about factions and their key members along with details about Vor Rukoth's history, hazards, lore and even a nearby settlement Coyote's Refuge.

Product[edit | edit source]

Vor Rukoth comes in a folder that doubles as a black and white map. Inside is a double-sided poster map featuring a ruined town and a dungeon. The map has a width of 28 squares (76cm) and a length of 19 squares (54cm) (length and width in cm include a border) the map is in full-colour. The booklet features 6 new monster stats, 5 new magic items and a new trap.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Whilst the cover illustration was created by Matt Stawicki the interior illustrations are by Warren Mahy.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Vor Rukoth has received both negative and positive reviews.

Baz Stevens from rpgtreehouse gave a fairly negative review stating 

I can’t help but think it needed condensing, developing and distilling so that a merely ok sourcebook could potentially be a decent adventure".

Aaron R from Phelanar's Den gave a positive review complimenting the openness and lack of statements that demand elements to be certain ways, their only criticism was with the folder cover which they said 

"I honestly don't like how the cover isn't attached. It makes transporting or storing the entire thing feel messy, for lack of a better term". 

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