Vedykar Mordan, or Kasmir ir'Dramon as he was formerly known, is a member of the ir'Dramon family of Karrnath. He once served in the Karrnathi army as a lieutenant in the Company of the Skull during the Last War.[1]


Kasmir was born to a wealthy Karrnathi family, the ir'Dramon. He and his older brother Gali attended Rekkenmark Academy and he was in the class of 991 YK. However, he was bullied by his brother and his brother's friend, Berend Hintram. At the age of 13, whilst being bullied, he fought back and accidentally killed Berend with his aberrant dragonmark. He then fled the academy to avoid a court-martial.

After changing his name to Vedykar Mordan, he joined the Company of the Skull, a defensive unit stationed at the Karrnathi border. He served as the unit's lieutenant. During a conflict with Valenar elves in the Talenta Plains, he lost his hand to an enemy whom he later killed. He now carries the bejeweled elven rapier that his foe wielded against him. During his five years service, he received seven commendations.[1]


He is described as having blonde hair.[1]



"Mordan" is an anagram of "Dramon".


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