The r/Eberron discord ( ) is taking over a major upgrade to the wiki by going through canon material and adding appropriate references and info across various wiki pages.

Style Guide

The basic plan is to reorganize most articles according to degrees of canonicity - some larger articles (eg those on the houses or nations) may need to keep a different structure, but the vast majority of articles don't have *that* much information.

Five tiers of Canon - please *cite* any information that pops up


Material that is otherwise not contradicted and comes from a WotC-published sourcebook or article (eg on the website, from Dungeon, or from Dragon)

Contradictory Canon

Material that is disputed within canon. If something is wildly out of sync with the rest of canon keep the more broadly supported facts in Canon (eg only Elves can have the Mark of Shadow) while the "alternative" take (eg Eladrin with the Mark of Shadow) goes in "Contradictory Canon".

Word of Keith

Keith Baker's website and future books that are *not* published through WotC are not, in fact, canon. However, many people like to use his content. Thus they earn a seperate rating as "word of Keith"

Adventure and Book Material

The various adventures and books published for Eberron through WotC are explicitly non-canonical. However, they can provide inspiration for DMs and have at least been somewhat vetted by editors.

Fan Material

Ultimately this wiki is a fan creation, meaning that fan-created material may on occasion be appropriate to include. In these cases it's best practice to very clearly label fan material and keep it in a *completely* seperate section from the rest of the article.

Citation/Fair Use policy

The cold hard reality is that this wiki could basically be taken down whenever WotC wishes. Still, we should at least be cognizant of how we handle published material - Give enough outline that people understand what something is, then cite liberally so people know where to go for more information

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