I'm Laura, and I thought it would be funny to add an infobox to my page. As you can see, I'm a shapeshifter from Michigan, and I have cool tattoos on my face. (Those are for sure tattoos and not just eyeliner.)

I'm new when it comes to Eberron and I only started playing D&D in 2015, but I love helping out and improving things where I can.

My favorite pages Edit

Player Characters Edit

As of late 2018 I've played in seven different campaigns.

  • Hana and Lily. Hana was my first character who I had almost no hand in creating - I told the person making her I wanted a silver dragonborn and I wanted a black panther, and that's about it. I never got overly attached, though I sat in silence for the rest of the session after Lily was killed during my bathroom break.
  • Liliana. The character I'm most attached to, with surprisingly little personality. This was my second character and because I started Hana at level 7 and didn't know anything about D&D prior, Liliana I consider to be my first real character. She was quite and polite, which is only because I was still nervous with my new group of friends when I created her. She was a Khajiit druid, Circle of the Moon, and absolutely loved summonging her bears to fight alongside her. I played her to level 13.
  • Remy and Ghost. The first time I started playing more than once a week was with Remy, the overpowered, homebrewed Beastmaster. My cousin found the class online and cautioned my DM about using it, but it was approved anyway. Ghost was my everfaithful dire wolf, whom I rode in battle and who gave me and himself special abilities, such as resistance to fire, breathing underwater, a 50 foot swiim speed, and dashing as a bonus action. There was also a flying snake familiar who I didn't get around to naming until after everyone was comfortable calling Snake, and thus he was never referred to as Maru-Chan. There was also a lizard I picked up through some fun roleplaying called Bobo, who was a constance nuisance to the party and who I regularly forgot about and then panicked about whenever I realized I might be drowning him.
  • Rowena Harvess
  • Lilith
  • Lady Belrika d'Jorasco, Knight Templar of the Silver Flame
  • Len
  • Eletha Nightstalker
  • Fibblestib Shadowcloak
  • Arina Lyriss
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