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Hi! I'm BadCatMan, an admin at the Forgotten Realms Wiki. I plan to build a few lore connections and cross-wiki links between our wikis, copy over some Eberron-related lore, share some experience, help clean up some issues, and add some Eberron lore myself.

About MeEdit

I have an interest in the Eberron setting – I played in an 8-year-long campaign there with my Changeling Wizard/Recaster follower of the Traveler fighting for Cyre during the Last War in the run-up to the Mourning, and a few other games before that. The campaign recently retired, I miss it, and I want to have some good lore on the wiki in support of it in case it restarts.

I also want to see the Eberron Wiki grow and thrive as much as the Forgotten Realms Wiki has. I believe they can be fine partners and I envision a "connected settings, connected wikis" concept that works with the modern state of D&D's blurred lines between settings.

My ProjectsEdit

Topics related to a campaign I played in and my character, and more generally covering Cyre before and after the Mourning:

EstonMetrolMakingThe TravelerOargev ir'WynarntagoIkar's SalvageKhraal LordsBaalo One-Eye

Transferring lore from the Forgotten Realms Wiki:

Wardenvasuthantknell beetlegloom golemkastighur

Cleaning up articles, rewriting copied text, adding a little lore, and random things:

Mark of SentinelSoldorakFist of OnatarNoldrunDroranathNarathunBreland LedgerAundairian ScrollSharn Inquisitivedragon's bloodJavan TomollanMenechtarunKer MarquanKarrn the ConquerorSix StonesKreelo
ThreeBrey CrossingKilk
Lazrea d'Lyrandar


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