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Hi! I'm BadCatMan, an admin here at the Eberron Wiki and over at the Forgotten Realms Wiki. I plan to build a few lore connections and cross-wiki links between our wikis, copy over some Eberron-related lore, share some experience, help clean up some issues, and add some Eberron lore myself.

About MeEdit

I have an interest in the Eberron setting – I played in an 8-year-long campaign there with my Changeling Wizard/Recaster follower of the Traveler fighting for Cyre during the Last War in the run-up to the Mourning, and a few other games before that. The campaign recently retired, I miss it, and I want to have some good lore on the wiki in support of it in case it restarts.

I also want to see the Eberron Wiki grow and thrive as much as the Forgotten Realms Wiki has. I believe they can be fine partners and I envision a "connected settings, connected wikis" concept that works with the modern state of D&D's blurred lines between settings.

My ProjectsEdit

Topics related to a campaign I played in and my character, and more generally covering Cyre before and after the Mourning:

Cyre and the MourningEdit

Places: EstonMetrolMakingLyrenton
People: Oargev ir'Wynarn
Other: tago
Ikar's SalvageKhraal LordsBaalo One-Eye
The Traveler


Inter-wiki projects and copying lore from the Forgotten Realms Wiki:

vasuthantknell beetlegloom golemkastighurgeriviar


Cleaning up articles, rewriting copied text, adding a little lore, and various other things:

Mark of SentinelSentinel TowerTinkers Guild
Dwarves & the Mror Holds
SoldorakFist of OnatarNoldrunDroranathNarathunHoarfrost Mountains
ThreeJavan TomollanKarrn the ConquerorKreeloKilkLazrea d'LyrandarGalifar ir'Wynarn II
MenechtarunKer MarquanBrey CrossingWindshireSeven CavesFangs of ArgarakTitan's TeethBlackcaps
Expanded reservoirpsychic generatorpower crystaldragon's bloodSix Stones
Breland LedgerAundairian ScrollSharn InquisitiveRope and Piton



Created and mostly imported from the Forgotten Realms Wiki:

{{FRW}}, for external linking to the FRW and applying this to various pages in common
{{Fact}}, for marking text as needing a citation
{{Unreferenced}}, for marking a page as needing a source
{{Plagiarism}}, for marking an article as containing copied text and placing it in Category:Plagiarized articles.
{{Notes}}, for footnoting notes in articles.
{{Information}}, for displaying image information
{{st}}, {{nd}}, {{rd}}, {{th}}, superscripts for ordinal numbers
{{Item}}, an expanded infobox for items
{{Organization}}, an expanded infobox for organizations
{{Location}}, an expanded infobox for locations like countries and settlements
{{Mountain}}, an expanded infobox for mountains and ranges


To DoEdit

  • Update infobox and Information themes in MediaWiki:Wikia.css – in progress...
    • Style notes: 5e Eberron heading colour code is "4a0a0b"
  • Template:UnusedRedirects – deleting unused/left-behind redirects, in progress...


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