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Baron Ulara d'Jorasco is the matriarch of House Jorasco and the leader of Resthold, the Healers Guild enclave and training hospital in Vedykar, Karrnath.[1][2][3][4]


She spends most of her time at the House Jorasco headquarters in Vedykar and governs the house from there. Although hardly a recluse, she only leaves her villa when required and rarely goes far from Resthold.[1][2][3] She leaves most of the day-to-day affairs of enclaves across Khorvaire to her younger family members[1][2] and manages affairs via intermediaries and delegates as needed. Hence, advisors and house officials stream in and out of her villa all day long.[3] She doesn't have much time for the traditional halflings of the Talenta Plains, as they are suspicious of House Jorasco.[1]

Primarily a scholar, Ulara focuses on her research and books within her villa. She is an expert in historical plagues.[3]

As the position of matriarch is chosen by the House Jorasco membership, unlike other dragonmarked houses, the House of Healing changes leadership much more frequently, but without turmoil.[2] As the current matriarch, Ulara is much loved, not only within the house but across western Khorvaire, and is unlikely to be unseated.[2][3][4]


Ulara has little interest in politics and diplomacy compared to other dragonmarked house leaders.[3]


Ulara's knowledge of historical plagues turned out to be vital in stopping a modern-day epidemic that broke out in northwestern Khorvaire around 988 YK. This earned her the love of western Khorvaire.[3][4]


She possibly owns and wears one of the few remaining suits of benefactor armor.[5]