The tsochari are a kind of parasitic aberration that infests the bodies of humanoids and seek arcane secrets on behalf of the daelkyr.[1]


The tsochari are living weapons created by the daelkyr to be released among the populace to steal the arcane knowledge that may threaten the forces of Xoriat.[2]


A tsochar is a community organism consisting of many thickly coiled, rope-like strands that end in a barbed cluster. Their strands are as strong as iron cables. Twenty or thirty of these strands form a tangle, though fewer than that can congregate with lesser intelligence.[1]


A tsochar prefers to inhabit a humanoid host, and functions as an ambush predator that prefers to attack isolated individuals to better accomplish their goals.[2]


The tsochari can infest the bodies of humanoids and stimulate their pain receptors to condition their host to follow their wishes. They have innate magical abilities, including the ability to communicate telepathically.[1]

Some advanced tsochari, known as tsochari nobles, have the ability to detect thinking creatures in the radius of their telepathy.[1]


Tsochar society is highly competitive, with members of different castes ruthlessly working to advance their own prestige. Many seek to advance their status by moving up a caste.[1]

The tsochari are deeply devoted to the daelkyr and other forces of Xoriat. They can be found among the Cults of the Dragon Below, and some cultists consider bonding with a tsochar to be a great honor.[2]

The tsochari prefer to not associate with other aberrations, and consider themselves to be rivals to the mind flayers for their favored position among the servants of the shapers of flesh.[2]


The tsochar are released in the worlds that the daelkyr invade and spread to invade the native populace.[2]


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