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Baron Trelib d'Medani is the current patriarch of House Medani, based in Wroat in Breland.[1]

Let the other houses bluster and call us 'upstart'. When they realize we hold the keys that can release the secrets of the Five Nations, they will learn respect.
— Baron Trelib d'Medani[1]


Trelib is a long-time friend of King Boranel. This camaraderie often causes the house to be more open and favorable with Breland than with the other Five Nations. Trelib has even provided Medani operatives to Boranel's court, While this upsets some outside the house and Breland itself, internal strife has also began to surface. High-ranking members of the Dark Lanterns worry that Trelib uses his friendship with Boranel to his own end and has placed undercover Medani agents in the Brelish court and even within the Dark Lanterns themselves.[1]


Trelib has been put in charge of uncovering who assassinated King Boranel's first wife, Queen Chaseva. Though those close to him report that Trelib is completely devoted to the task, he is yet to have any success.[1]


While the Medani were as firmly neutral at the other dragonmarked houses during the Last War, rumors claimed House Medani covertly provided intelligence to its homeland of Breland via House Sivis and Brelish allies in Zilargo. If so, this was likely thanks to Trelib's friendship with Boranel.[1]