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Tooth and Nail is a business in Stormreach in Xen'drik that trades in wild animals from the continent. It is owned by House Vadalis[1][2] and is the only business controlled by them in the city of Stormreach.[2][3]


It stands in the Bazaar, the main market area of the district known as the Marketplace, in the heart of the city.[2][4] It occupies an expansive tent pavilion.[2]


With many pens and cages containing animals of all kinds, the place is noisy with their calls and cries. Handlers Guild employees must work constantly to prevent the beasts from attacking one another, as well as potential customers.[2]


Tooth and Nail sells animals for use as exotic pets, mounts, and guardians.[2] Their flying mounts are useful given the hazards encountered by airships.[5]


The business is managed by Rhomas d'Vadalis, who was sent by Tyris d'Vadalis to oversee Tooth and Nail soon after he took over the Blackbriar enclave. Rhomas mostly only deals with explorers, adventurers, and visitors to Xen'drik.[3]