Tira Miron was a human paladin who sacrificed herself to become the Voice of the Silver Flame and re-seal the Overlord Bel Shalor. In doing so, she became a foundational figure in the faith of the Church of the Silver Flame. Now immortal, she continues to interact with the world through her role as Voice of the Silver Flame, guiding the spiritual leaders of the Church, the Keepers of the Flame.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Tira was born in the Kingdom of Galifar. In her mortal life, she was a paladin dedicated to Dol Arrah, goddess of just combat in the pantheon of the Sovereign Host. In 299 YK, while exploring in western Khorvaire, Tira saw a vision of a couatl warning her that a terrible fire had welled up from the depths of Khyber and was bursting into Thrane. Indeed, a great chasm had opened in the Tamor Hills, spewing forth this fiendish fire. This was the result of Bel Shalor struggling to break free from his bonds. The year 299 YK would come to be known as the year of Blood and Fire for these events.[1][2][3]

Faced with this godlike foe, Tira gathered Thranish forces to defeat the dark beings that had begun to gather around the fiendish emergence and help free Bel Shalor. Wielding the sword Kloinjer, which contained a Khyber dragonshard, she moved to fight the Overlord as the couatl from her vision came to her aid. Together, Tira and the couatl were just barely able to defeat Bel Shalor, re-sealing him within the flames, which turned cool, silver and divine. This marked the defeat of Bel Shalor and the beginning of the Silver Flame as a religion, but also bound Tira and the couatl within the same flame. Tira's sword is still embedded into the base of the Flame to this day.[1]

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