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Tieflings are a race of humanoids that can occasionally be found on the fringes of Khorvaire. Most tieflings in Khorvaire trace their lineage back to the nation of Ohr Kaluun in Sarlona.[1] Their ancestors pursued arcane knowledge, and made pacts with devils in the furtherance of this goal that corrupted their bloodlines. When the Unity of Riedra destroyed Ohr Kaluun during the the Sundering, tieflings fled to other lands, particularly the Venomous Demesne in Droaam.[2] Other tieflings originate from being born in manifest zones to planes with a fiendish presence. These tieflings can be found across Khorvaire and Sarlona.[3][4][5]

Tieflings can also be found among the Carrion Tribes of the Demon Wastes, where the fiendish nature of the Wastes sometimes causes humans to give birth to a tiefling. The Carrion Tribes consider these tieflings to be a blessing.[1][3]


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