Thir is the primary religion of dragons. The name comes from the draconic word for "three", reflecting their belief in the three Progenitor Dragons, and three levels of divinity: the Progenitors, the dragon gods, and the Sovereigns.

The dragon gods of Thir are: Io, Aasterinian, Astilabor, Bahamut, Chronepsis, Falazure, Garyx, Hlal, Lendys, Tamara, and Tiamat. Each has a constellation in the sky, and they are generally believed to exist beyond Eberron's standard planes. (Though Tiamat is known to be in Khyber.) According to Thir, the dragon gods are only concerned with dragons - lesser creatures such as humans and elves are the purview of Sovereigns.

Thir's concept of Sovereigns generally corresponds to the fifteen members Sovereign Host and the Dark Six. Followers of Thir believe that a dragon who comes to embody a fundamental concept can ascend to one of 15 positions of the Sovereign Archetypes, causing the previous Sovereign to occupy that position to ascend to the same place the other dragon gods have.

Followers of Thir believe that the Draconic Prophecy is a product of the Progenitor Dragons and their diverging desires for the reality they shaped. This ties into their belief in the cyclical nature of creation, which is a central tenant of Thir. They believe that once the Draconic Prophecy has run its course, three new progenitors will be chosen from among the dragon gods, and the Sovereigns of this reality will become the dragon gods of the next reality.

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