Thelanis the Faerie Court is similar to both Eberron and Lamannia in that it bears untamed expanses of rugged forests and crystal-clear waters dotted with small settlements. Arcane spells are enhanced on Thelanis and time flows differently. Thelanis is home to the fey, most notably the eladrin and their feyspires.[1][2]


Thelanis is one expansive lush forest, with trees of enchanting beauty surrounded by mesmerizing lights. Phosphorescence gleams on plants and stones, lighting the eternal twilight of the plane, while the sky is full of strange stars.

Every day in Thelanis equals a week on the Material Plane, this time catches up to any person traveling back to the Material Plane. If one spends too much time on Thelanis, moving back to Eberron might suddenly kill the person of old age.[1]


Manifest ZonesEdit

Effects on the Material PlaneEdit


When Thelanis is coterminous to the Material Plane, faerie rings and faerie mounds can be found, often accompanied by mysterious lights. The boundary between the planes is thin and passage in either direction can occur easily. The fey of Thelanis lure mortals to their native realm during this time, though for reasons of mischief moreso than reasons of maliciousness.[1]

During coterminous periods, the feyspires of the eladrin would phase into existence on Eberron. However, once the Day of Mourning occurred, the feyspires were stuck on Eberron and unable to return to Thelanis.[2]


When Thelanis is remote, fey creatures grow less populous and their power fades.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons, Thelanis is also known as the Feywild.


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