The Twelve is an alliance of powerful wizards sponsored by the Dragonmarked Houses. They are the organization that accomplishes things beyond the capabilities of the houses, and where disputes between the houses are settled.[1][2][3]

History Edit

The organization was formed after the War of the Mark in an alliance proposed by Lord Hadran d'Cannith to unify the Dragonmarked Houses in pursuing magical research and profit.[1][2][3][4]

Galifar I started the Arcane Congress of Aundair many years later out of fear for the growing power of the Dragonmarked Houses.[3][5]

In 797 YK, Mordain d'Phiarlan was banished from the Twelve and excoriated from House Phiarlan, following his experiments into the mysteries of the daelkyr.[6][7][8]

As the power of individual Dragonmarked Houses and the Arcane Congress has grown since the Last War, the Twelve has fractured and diminished.[4]

Organization Edit

Members of the Twelve belong to the Dragonmarked Houses of Khorvaire. The Twelve serves as an institute to train members in arcane magic, and as a think tank for discoveries beyond the capabilities of individual houses.[3]

There are rumors of sinister cabals within the organization that seek to conquer Khorvaire, as well as a secret conspiracy opposed to the dragons of Argonnessen.[4][9]

The Committee of Twelve oversees the organization, although the exact number of members varies.[2]

Appendix Edit

Mechanics Edit

The Twelve appear as an option for a Dragonmarked House Group Patron in Rising from the Last War[10].

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