The Traveler, titled "The Sovereign of Chaos and Change" and in some lands known as the Giver of Gifts, is a chaotic neutral deity of the Dark Six. The Traveler presides over the portfolios of chaos, deception, evolution, invention, and transformation.[1][2]


The most mysterious of all the gods, the Traveler is believed to be a supreme shapeshifter and a virtuoso of deceit and craftiness. It promotes careful planning, taking a subtle approach, and change in any form.[1][2] However, it's also said to be impulsive and unpredictable.[3]

Legends say that, alone among the gods, the Traveler walks the land with a thousand faces, in body and in spirit, but no mortal will pierce its perfect disguise.[1][2]

Although the Traveler is known as the Giver of Gifts, a famous proverb advises to "Beware the gifts of the Traveler".[1] That is, they can have strings attached.[3]


The Traveler is unique in that it is not related, by blood or any other means, to any of the other members of the Sovereign Host or the Dark Six.[1][2]


The Traveler is the patron of all those who welcome change, in body and in philosophy. Its worshipers include changelings, shifters, doppelgangers, and lycanthropes, who saw it as the greatest of gods.[1][2] The majority of doppelgangers venerate the Traveler and try to imitate it.[3]

The faithful make sacrifices to the Traveler by making something and destroying it. This demonstrated their acceptance of change and transformation.[2]

Most Vassals of the Dark Six or Sovereign Host make prayers to the Traveler before they commence a long or hazardous journey.[2]

The Cabinet of Faces comprises acolytes of the Traveler.[3]

Many in House Cannith secretly worship the Traveler, owing to his governance over artifice.[citation needed]


Priests of the Traveler are often former craftsmen or inventors who chose a change in career.[2]

They regularly embark on lengthy journeys, whether to wander with no actual intent or perhaps to deliver messages or items that might shake up social order somehow and thereby trigger change. To help along their subversions, they might create new identities for themselves, usually maintaining them for years.[2]

There is no consistent design or construction in shrines dedicated to the Traveler. Instead, worshipers are meant to make their own, personal place of worship and to adjust it often.[2]


The holy symbol of the Traveler is an eight-pointed configuration of four crossed bones, each inscribed with runes.[2]

The favored weapon of the faith is the scimitar.[1][2]



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