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The Shattered Land is an Eberron novel written by Keith Baker and published by Wizards of the Coast in 2006. It is the second novel in the Dreaming Dark trilogy, following the first book in the series, The City of Towers.

Xen'drik. The dark continent. A land of once-proud empires that now low lie in ruin. A land shrouded in mystery where monsters and dark powers stalk the jungles, where only the bravest and most foolhardy will venture. Now a band of war-weary soldiers must brave the depths of Xen'drik in search of an artifact that is the last hope to save one of their own.


The main plot takes place between Lharvion 11 and 22 in 997 YK, with a flashback in the prologue occurring at the battle of Keldan Ridge in Cyre in 994 YK, shortly before the Mourning and the end of the Last War. The main plot takes place about a year after the events of The City of Towers.

Notable Characters[]

  • Daine, Cyran soldier. Wields a longsword and an adamantine dagger.
  • Pierce, warforged scout and skirmisher. Wields a morningstar and a bow.
  • Lei d'Cannith, dragonmarked heir, artificer. Carries a darkwood staff she acquired in The City of Towers.
  • Lakashtai, a kalashtar female psion, mysterious like most of her race.
  • Gerrion, a half-drow gambler and guide in Stormreach.
  • Tashana, Lakashtai's polar opposite who's been attacking Daine in his dreams.
  • Helias d'Lyrandar, captain of the Kraken's Wake, sailing between Sharn and Stormreach.
  • Indigo, a female warforged assassin.
  • Hydra, a warforged whose sentience is shared across several different warforged bodies.
  • Harmattan, a strange, charismatic, and powerful warforged.
  • Thaask, a sahuagin of the Straits of Shargon who provides guidance to passing ships for a price.
  • Maru Sakhesh, high priest of the Draconic temple in Stormreach.
  • Hassalac Chaar, a mysterious and powerful sorcerer known in Stormreach as the "Prince of Dragons."
  • Aleisa d'Cannith, Lei's mother, an artificer who worked on the development of the warforged. Presumably died on the Day of Mourning, she appears in flashbacks.
  • Talin d'Cannith, Lei's father, also an artificer. Like Aleisa, he also appears in flashbacks and presumably died on the Day of Mourning.
  • Alina Lorridan Lyrris, gnome wizard aristocrat with a slightly amoral bent.
  • Flamewind, a sphinx with oracular powers and mysterious motives.
  • Xu'sasar, a scorpion wraith of the Qaltiar drow.
  • Jode Jorasco, halfling healer who possessed the Mark of Healing. He was seemingly killed at the end of City of Towers.



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