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The Queen of Stone is an Eberron novel and the first in the Thorn of Breland series. The novel features many characters featured in the Eberron canon. It was written by Eberron's creator Keith Baker and was illustrated by Wayne Reynolds. The novel was published by Wizards of the Coast in 2008.

Code Name: Thorn of Breland. The Daughters of Sora Kell demand recognition for Droaam, their fledgling kingdom of monsters. Ambassadors from the Five Nations gather at the fortress of the Great Crag to hear what their dangerous new neighbors have to say. Thorn's mission: protect the Brelish ambassador and rescue a captured hero of the crown. It will take all of Thorn's skills to manage both without bringing war to Breland. That is, if she can prevail on the Daughters' deadly warlord.

Notable Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Councilor Alidan Lorridan Lyrris of Trolanport: One of the Zilargo delegates.
  • Drul Kantar
  • Ember: A warforged bodyguard assigned to the Zilargo delegates.
  • Fharg: A gnoll healer.
  • Ghyrryn: A gnoll guardsmen.
  • Gorodan Ashlord
  • Grenn: A dwarven bodyguard for Lord Beren ir'Wynarn.
  • Harrin Stormblade
  • Jharl: A gnoll guardsmen and hunter.
  • Councilor Jolira Jan Dorian of Korranberg: One of the Zilargo delegates.
  • Kalakhesh of Darguun: A member of the Silent Knives of Darguun.
  • Kurlun: A trollbear
  • Minister Luala: An elf minister of the Church of the Silverflame.
  • Councilor Mordan Sel Sarin of Zalanberg: One of the Zilargo delegates.
  • Munta, the Grey: The delegate for Droaam.
  • Saer Vordalyn: A Valenar warrior
  • Sarmondelaryx: A red dragon who fought Harrin Stormblade
  • Sora Katra
  • Toli: A human bodyguard for Lord Beren ir'Wynarn.
  • Tzaryan Rrac
  • Xorchylic
  • Warlord Zaeurl

Plot Synopsis[]

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