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The Queen of Death is a novel by Matt Forbeck and published on October 10, 2006, by Wizards of the Coast. The third installment in The Lost Mark trilogy, the novel is a direct sequel to Road to Death and continues the story of Kandler and his companions as they protect his adopted daughter, Esprë. An audio book version was released in 2013.

They've been hunted across the Mournland, captured in Karrnath, and attacked in a dragon's mountain lair. One band of adventurers has had enough. Time to take the battle to the enemy. Time to fight back. One young woman will have to decide to give in or embrace her destiny as the Queen of Death.



  • Kandler: the human Justicar of the small town of Mardakine on the border of the Mournland, where he and his step-daughter Esprë settled after the death of his wife Esprina.
  • Burch: a shifter and the deputy Justicar of Mardakine. Burch is an old, trusted friend of Kandler and is a master with the crossbow.
  • Esprë: the blonde half-elf daughter of Esprina, and step-daughter to Kandler. Young Esprë manifests the Mark of Death, a dragonmark thought lost to time.
  • Monja: A female halfling shaman and heir to the leadership of the Wandering Inn.
  • Sallah: a female hot-tempered red-haired knight and second-in-command under Deothen.
  • Te'oma: a changeling agent of the Lich Queen Vol, sent by her mistress to find the bearer of the Mark of Death.
  • Xalt: a warforged artificer who displays a higher sense of morality than his former comrades who were aligned with the Lord of Blades.
  • Duro Darumnakt: A dwarf of clan Drakyager of the Mror Holds. Leader of the patrols through Mount Darumkrak.



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