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The Orb of Xoriat is the second novel in the The War-Torn series and was written by Edward Bolme. It was illustrated by Wayne Reynolds and was published by Wizards of the Coast on October 1, 2005.

A world torn by generations of war...

Xoriat, the realm of madness, a plane of existence far beyond mortal comprehension.

The last time Xoriat touched the world, years of warfare and death erupted. Unspeakable terrors and vile monsters wandered free until the Gatekeepers managed to close the passage to Xoriat.

But a new portal to the Realm of Madness has been found -- a fabled orb, long thought lost. In the final days of the Last War, the Orb of Xoriat was used only once. Now it has been stolen.

The Orb of Xoriat continues the story line in the Eberron series that focuses on war-torn souls who have known nothing but a world in chaos. This is the second book in the War-Torn series, following The Crimson Talisman. In the aftermath of the Last War, Teron, a monk trained for war, is the last of his Order. Now he is on a quest to find a powerful weapon that might set the world at war again.

Notable Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Caeheras A male elf mercenary that wields a rapier. He was hired by Praxle to search for an item.
  • Grameste A crossbow wielding female thief who works for the Shadow Fox.
  • Gramm A thief who works for the Shadow Fox.
  • Hatch Vadalis An old man who married into House Sivis. He runs a courier service with his Dragonhawk.
  • Jendro of House Lyrandar A young man who is second hand aboard a Lyrandar airship.
  • Kelcie A woman with auburn hair who works at the Phiarlander Phaire.
  • Lady Hathia Stalsun The Duchess of Shadukar.
  • Rander A longsword wielding thief who works for the Shadow Fox.
  • Rezam An elderly elf wizard who works in a Thranish arcanium.
  • Roon A human who wields two short swords and works for the Shadow Fox.
  • Tinka A female gnome and an ally of Praxle.
  • Soarwood A domesticated dragonhawk used by Hatch Sivis.
  • Squints A one eyed man who works at the Phiarlander Phaire. He is a secret informant to the Shadow Fox.
  • Stinker Hatch Sivis' pet dog.
  • Zabettia Besdal A service girl working at the Phiarlander Phaire and secret informant to the Shadow Fox.


A sequel was hinted at by Edward Bolme on his site when he stated that a week after the novel's release he dreamt up a title he favoured over the rest. He then wrote that he would save it for a potential sequel. A sequel has not been confirmed.

The Tales of the Last War, an Eberron short story anthology, includes a contribution by Bolme that focuses on characters from The Orb of Xoriat.


The Orb of Xoriat's release was given no marketing support due to the release window which was close to two other Dungeons & Dragons novels. The novels were R.A. Salvatore's Promise of the Witch-King and Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook's Sanctuary.

Plot Synopsis[]

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  • In chapter 8 - Flight from Aundair, Teron pays a child one sovereign (gold piece) to send a message by sending stone though, in the Sharn: City of Towers source book it states that the cost of sending a message is 5 gold pieces per page.
  • The title for the Orb of Xoriat went through many changes including Eye of Madness. Edward Bolme wanted to name it Sphere of Xoriat though, it was too late into the novel's production to change it. He stated that a week after its release he dreamt up another name that he favoured over all the previous titles. He stated that he would save the title for a possible sequel.


http://www.bolme.com/orbofxoriat.htm Edward Bolme's official site.

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