The Lords of Dust is a secret cabal of rakshasa and other fiends, manipulating the world of Eberron to release the Overlords from the Age of Demons and achieve personal power.[1][2][3]


The Great WarEdit

During the Age of Dragons, the great dragon Eberron trapped the evil dragon Khyber within itself, after Khyber slew their brother Siberys. Khyber's last act of defiance was to give birth to a host of fiends. It was Khyber's last hope that these fiends would destroy the descendants of Siberys and Eberron. 10,000,000 years ago, the fiends succeeded, and overran the world of Eberron. Led by the rakshasa and the night hags, the Age of Demons began.[1]

Not completely obliterated, the dragons hid from their demon rulers, living in a primitive state. However, 1,500,000 years ago, the dragons discovered what would be called the Draconic Prophecy. They began to build upon this knowledge, and began to fight against the fiends. They found other allies that had also survived; most importantly: the couatl. Once they became powerful enough, the dragons and couatl joined forces and attacked the fiends that inhabited Eberron.[1]

The couatl sacrificed themselves to send the Overlords and the majority of the fiends back into Khyber, where they are trapped by the Silver Flame. [1]

When the great war ended, the fiends that were not imprisoned in Khyber retreated back to a land they called Fah'lrrg in the infernal tongue; the land now known as the Demon Wastes. From behind the Shadowcrags and the Icehorn Mountains, the fiends continued to live within their ruined fortresses and amongst the various pits that still lead into Khyber.[1]

Forming the Lords of DustEdit

122615 CN GL

A rakshasa Lord of Dust

Within the Demon Wastes, the remaining rakshasa made plans to free their trapped masters. They formed a secret society which they called the Lords of Dust. Led by the Bleak Council, the rakshasas of the Lords of Dust organized their other Khyber-spawned brethren and led them to infiltrate the rest of the world. The goals of most of the Lords of Dust are to gain revenge on their age old enemies: the dragons and the couatls, and their descendants, especially the Church of the Silver Flame. However, some members' only goals are to gain power for themselves.[1]

Most of the Lords of Dust also seek to free the imprisoned Overlords, the rakshasa rajahs, from their bonds. They use prakhutus, or speakers, that can communicate with their masters. The prakhutus then carry their rulers' wishes to the rest of the Lords of Dust.[2]

The rakshasas amongst the Lords of Dust use their telepathy and shape-changing abilities to infiltrate every organization in Eberron. No one is entirely sure what their schemes are. Since the rakshasas are immortal, their true end goals are hard to decipher. A rakshasa agent might wait an entire human lifetime before making a move to further its schemes. It is thought that the Lords of Dust have managed to infiltrate most organizations, including the Aurum, the Cults of the Dragon Below, the elves of Aerenal, and even House Phiarlan.[1][2][3]

The Lords of Dust also prefer to use the Draconic Prophecy against the dragons. They will manipulate events to resemble events foretold by the Draconic Prophecy, then manipulate the dragons to perform acts they think are part of the prophecy, but are actually detrimental to future events.[4]


Over the last hundred-thousand years, the Lords of Dust have infiltrated the various organizations of Eberron. Their primary goal is to manipulate events to two ends: release their Overlord masters from their bonds, and gain revenge against their ancient enemies, the dragons and the couatl.[1][2][4]

The Bleak CouncilEdit

The Lords of Dust are led by the Bleak Council. Most of the Bleak Council directly speak with the thirty or so Overlords that are still bound. There are approximately 90 members of the Bleak Council that operate across the world.[2]

The Claws of KhyberEdit

Below the Bleak Council are the Claws of Khyber, those fiends and their allies that act as the arms, and swords, of the Council. There are hundreds of Claws out in the world, acting as spies within most of the organizations of Eberron.[2]

The PawnsEdit

In addition, the Lords of Dust use a lot of pawns to move their schemes forward. These pawns could be kings of nations, or an adventuring party. None of them know that they are working for the Lords of Dust, or even that the Lords of Dust even exist.[2]

Bases of OperationsEdit

The Lords of Dust ostensibly operate out of the ancient city of Ashtakala, the "capital" of The Demon Wastes. There, they are members of the Council of Ashtakala, the rulers of the Demon Wastes.[3]

Notable MembersEdit

While the names of the majority of the Lords of Dust are kept secret, some have surfaced in rumored whispers. Most of the Lords of Dust are rakshasas, but other fiends also make up their numbers.[2][3]


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