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Ulther Whitsun is a fixer. When you've got a problem, he's your man. But when he finds himself in possession of a strange relic, he gets even more trouble than he can handle. His enemies want the relic, he wants its owner, and the City Watch wants him locked away for good. As if that weren't enough, a mysterious woman just hired him to find a magic device that could bring the world to its knees. Could the two be related?

When a job turns this dangerous, whether you win or lose doesn't matter. The best you can hope for is just to survive.

Notable Characters[]

  • Ulther Whitsun
  • Glustred
  • Delru Abaressena
  • Fraylaut

Plot Synopsis[]

  • Alfrathi: A servant to High Priest Hallah
  • Captain Belar: A dwarf who is captain of the watch
  • Chemsh: A halfling that works for Thavash
  • Commander Erix Javashi
  • Halfor: A halfing who works for Merimma
  • High Priest Hallah: Priest of the Silver Flame Church
  • Jesseq: A halfling who works for Merimma
  • Lamonn Scorpeth: A Morgrave university professor
  • Lassor Redhand
  • Lathon: A halfling who works for Merimma
  • Michelar Sprat: Innkeeper at the Octogram
  • Norn Maresun
  • Paaltova: A war veteran turned beggar
  • Rranstrewth d'Cannith
  • Saleh: A wizard interrogator working for Captain Belar
  • Sharessa: An elven lillyweed addict
  • Soonam Mirkor: Works for House Vadalis
  • Soorhan: A halfling that works for Thavash
  • Stavrosh: Assistant to High Priest Hallah
  • Captain Talvon
  • Thavash: A halfling who works for Merimma
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