Last War

The Last War was a conflict raging between Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Thrane, and Karrnath. Its purpose was to reunite the Kingdom of Galifar after the succession conflict that occurred upon the death of King Jarot. The conflict lasted over a century and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold in 996 YK.

Backstory Edit

As King Jarot of Galifar approached old age, questions about the succession of his throne ran rampant. Although by tradition, his eldest scion, Princess Mishann of Cyre was to claim the throne, others doubted her ability to rule. Prince Thalin of Thrane felt he was far more fit to rule instead. However, on the king's deathbed in 894 YK, he gave Mishann his blessings and bade Prince Wrogar of Aundair to honor his decision.

At the funeral shortly thereafter, Mishann discussed the details of her coronation with her siblings, but they held a deaf ear to her words. Indeed, they personally threatened to send their soldiers to Thronehold to prevent any such action. Only her brother Wrogar remained allied to Cyre, since he was bound by honor. Later in the year 894 YK hostilities commenced. Alliances were formed, shifted, and were broken over the course of the war. Virtually no part of the continent was unaffected.

The Treaty of Thronehold was signed in 996 YK, two years after the Day of Mourning destroyed Cyre. The treaty effectively put an end to the conflict while at the same time recognizing twelve of the fifteen new nations that had come into existence during the Last War. Although the signatories abide by the treaty, many feel that the current peace will only give way to more warfare. Until one nation defeats the others and claims the throne of the ancient Kingdom of Galifar, many believe there will never be a true and lasting peace.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Last War seems to be partially based on the Hundred Years' War, including in its origin as a war of succession denying a female heir, introduction of new military technology, and duration of around a hundred years; and the First World War in its new technology, inconclusive outcome, and similarly naïve name ("The War to End All Wars" and "The Last War").

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