The Inquisitives
Author(s) Edward Bolme, Paul Crilley,
Marsheila Rockwell, Jeff LaSala
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Novels Bound by Iron
Night of the Long Shadows
Legacy of Wolves
The Darkwood Mask

The Inquisitives is a series of four novels set within the world of Eberron and are all published by Wizards of the Coast. The series is similar to that of The War-Torn series each instalment having a separate author but sharing a common theme. Each novel has a new cast of characters and are not sequential. All four novels focus on or at least feature an inquisitive attempting to solve some form of mystery. The first novel Bound by Iron was released on the 10th of April 2007, the second, Night of the Long Shadows on May 8th 2007, the third, Legacy of Wolves on June 12th 2007 and the fourth The Darkwood Mask on March 4th 2008. All four novels have had a printed , Audio and E-book release. Michael Komarck illustrated all four novels. As the novels were released prior to 4th editon the world lore corresponds to the 3.5 edition of Eberron and all events are considered non-canon.


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