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The Hydra is a massive river system and sound in central Xen'drik that separates the Skyfall Peninsula from the larger continent.[1][2]


With headwaters in the Fangs of Argarak and the mountain ranges that line the northern edge of the Valley of Shadows, the Hydra emerges from deep in the interior of Xen'drik.[1][2] Its sources are known as the "heads" of the Hydra, for it has many tributaries.[2][3] The eastern ones cause marshy terrain, but the largest passes over the Naga's Waterfall, all before the Sanctum Sanctorum of the green dragon Zartaxis, the Green Watcher.[3]


The mouth of the Hydra is easily reached by water taxis from Stormreach, where passengers, cargo, and crew transfer to or from the slow-moving river barges that traverse the waters of the Hydra.[4]

Notable Locations[]

The ancient ruins of Tharkgun Dahk and Pra'xirek have already been discovered near the heads of the Hydra.[1][2] Explorers and adventurers continue searching within the Hydra basin for the Ring of Storms.[2]


A yuan-ti camp on the banks of the Hydra River was the site of a breeding colony for wretchlings, until recently when the shulassakar paladin Sesstaria ordered it destroyed.[5]






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