The Ethereal Plane is a plane that sits atop the Material Plane. The Ethereal is home to fiends and other creatures who search for those to possess. The Ethereal Plane only intersects Eberron and the Material Plane, and is not reachable from the other planes in the Eberron cosmology.[1]


The Ethereal Plane is a ghostly spirit realm that sits atop the Material Plane. While on the Ethereal Plane, creatures are not hindered by things on the Material Plane, like walls or the ground.[2]


  • Many creatures from other planes can use the Ethereal Plane to manifest and possess hosts. Creatures include angels, demons, devils, and the quori.[1]
  • Ethereal Filchers call the Ethereal Plane home.[3]
  • Mortal spellcasters can travel the Ethereal Plane using spells like ethereal jaunt.
  • Some undead reside on the Ethereal Plane, like ghosts.[4]


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