The Deep Mine is a platinum mine that currently reaches one mile deep. The mine is located in The Seawall Mountains of Eastern Zilargo.

Mining Operation[edit | edit source]

The Deep Mine is perhaps host to the most sophisticated mining team, a collaboration of dragonmarked houses and the dwarven clan Mroranon. The partnership consists of the following.

Clan Mroranon provide the majority of the labour workforce.

House Kundarak purchase the platinum.

House Sivis handle relationships with the Zilargo government.

House Tharashk discovered the site.

Clan Mroranon mine the pure platinum from veins then their smiths smelt them into bullions and then into ingots. House Kundarak purchases these and uses them as internal currency when transferring currency from a Kundarak bank to a government treasury or to another Kundarak bank.

Large amounts of security are in use, presumably Kundarak personnel to protect the mine from thieves. Furthermore, the reason for the intense security is because the miners occasionally disturb monsters from the depths of Kyber.

References[edit | edit source]

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