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 The Darkwood Mask is the fourth and final installment to the Inquisitives novel series and was written by author Jeff Lasala. The story follows the inquisitive Soneste as she attempts to uncover her next case in Korth


The Darkwood Mask tells the story of the Brelish inquisitive, Soneste Otänsin, and her investigation of the murder of Brelish ambassador, Gamnon ir'Daresh, and his family in Korth, the capital of Karrnath.


A prominent aristocrat and his entire family are murdered in the heart of the capital city. Soneste, a young inquisitive famous for solving two high-profile cases, is called in to track down the killer. The eyes of her realm are upon her, demanding swift and certain justice.

Tallis could have been a war hero, but fate dealt him a different hand. He survives on the streets, a wanted man in the land to which he devoted his life, unable to give up the fight. Even if it means hunting down the worst of the worst in Karrnath. 

Notable Characters[]

  • Soneste Ontänsin: A young human and professional Inquisitive. She works at Thuranne d'Velderan's Investigative Services in Sharn and is well renowned for recently solving the Blackfeather case though, her first breakthrough was when she found Shauranna Rokesko, a royal aide abductee. Soneste is Brelish and though she now resides in Sharn she was in fact born in Starilaskur. She has blonde hair, light skin and often wears a blue coat.
  • Tallis: A Karn half-elf who is now wanted after being accused of murder, theft, destruction of property and treason. He is known to be a patriot, a former officer in the Karnathi army and a graduate of Rekkenark academy. His favored weapon is a hooked hammer and an array of magical items. His closest friend is Lenrik a follower of the Sovereign Host.

Minor Characters

  • Aegis: A warforged who was assigned to protect Gamnon ir'Daresh and his family. After their death he has sworn to avenge them by assisting Soneste in her investigation. Aegis appears to favor no particular weapon and instead uses whatever he can get his hands on though, he has a shield welded to one of his arms. 
  • Lenrik Malovyn: An elf vassal of the Sovereign Host who favors Aureon. He is Taliss' closest friend and often gives him advice. He is described as having brown hair and wearing green vestments with a bronzewood amulet depicting the symbol of Aureon.

Plot Synopsis[]

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The novel has received mixed reviews from fans. Stefansbookshelf gave the novel a positive review stating that the author expressed Karnathi and Brelish politics effectively.


Soneste once worked for Abraxis Wren as an inquisitive when first arriving in Sharn.

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