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The Dark Six is a pantheon of six gods cast out of the Sovereign Host during the Schism. Though individual deities are typically singled out and worshiped, a few (especially schismatics) worship the whole of the disparate deities. The Dark Six represent evil, destruction, and other insidious forces of civilization and nature, and members of the pantheon are worshiped by only the most debased of the civilized races and monsters. The holy texts of the Dark Six show them scheming and plotting against the Sovereign Host at every turn and followers of the Dark Six typically scheme against vassals of the Sovereign Host.

Some believe that the Dark Six were originally Dhakaani gods, whom the humans adopted as a counter to the gods of the Sovereign Host, a belief they brought with them from Sarlona.

Droaam is one of the few locations where one can find open worship of the Dark Six.[1]


Holy Days[]

  • Wildnight: This holy day occurs during the night and following morning of the 18th and 19th of Sypheros. This holy day is a festival dedicated to the Fury and begins at sundown. This festival allows the vassals of the Dark Six to indulge in violence and sexual desires.
  • Long Shadows: This holy day is a three-day long festival occurring from the 26th to the 28th of Vult. This holy day is celebrated by taking part in dark magic. 



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