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This article is about the novel. For the City of Towers in Breland, see Sharn.

Hardened by the Last War, four soldiers have come to Sharn, fabled City of Towers, capital of adventure, home to the best and worst that Eberron has to offer. After a lifetime of fighting, war is all they know. Now in a time of uneasy peace, they must struggle to survive. But then people start turning up dead. The heroes soon find themselves caught in a plot that will take them from the highest reaches of power to the most sordid depths of the city of wonder, shadow, and adventure.


The City of Towers is the first novel in the Dreaming Dark Trilogy by Keith Baker, and the first published novel set in Eberron, his brainchild campaign setting. The story begins with a brief prologue in Cyre on Olarune 19, 994 YK. The main story picks up in Sharn, the eponymous City of Towers in the Khorvaire nation of Breland, on Dravago 22, 996. The story ends on Nymm 2 of the same year.

Notable Characters[]

Plot Synopsis[]

Daine, Pierce, Jode, and Lei make there way from Cyre to the city of Sharn after the day of Mourning that ended the "Last War". Coming to terms with each of their losses and pasts, the adventurers must find a new life in this less than hospitable city. They are also tasked with finding a missing courier and the powerful objects he was meant to deliver to Alina before other forces can use them to plunge Sharn and all of Eberron into a dark world or mourning and chaos where not even the dragon marked heirs of the great families are safe.

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