A shadowy alliance of some of the wealthiest citizens of Khorvaire, The Aurum has their headquarters in the

Mror Holds, a place known as Krona Peak. Only few people know of the organization and even fewer knows that it is anything more than an organization of wealthy people with interests in history.

The Aurum was founded in the Mror Holds, long before the dwarves' declaration of independence, various families had already joined together in a fraternity to increase the wealth and power of all their members. When the Kingdom of Galifar fell and the dwarves suddenly had a nation of their own, the members of this collective began to look beyond Ironroot Mountains.

Members of the Aurum wear eight rings of a varying metal (copper, silver, gold or platinum, depending on their rank) at all times, a tradition derived from the dwarves. Each ring has the same value as 10 coins of the same metal.



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Behind the Scenes Edit

The Aurum seemed based upon a combination of the Illuminati and Ian Fleming's S.P.E.C.T.R.E.