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The tangat, or Talenta tangat, is a two-handed bladed weapon created and used by the halflings of the Talenta Plains.[1][2]


The weapon comprises a curved blade (similar to that of a scimitar) fixed onto a short haft.[1][2][note 1] The typical halfling tangat weighs 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms), but one sized for a human would weigh 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms).[1]


For its size, the tangat can deal more serious injuries to a foe. For most warriors, the tangat is an exotic weapon that's difficult to master,[1][2] but Talenta halfling warriors find it more familiar and learn it easily.[3][4] They can specialize in attacking more effectively from dinosaur-back[5] and doing more damage.[5][4] It may be wielded two-handed[1] or one-handed.[2][note 2]


A basic tangat can be had for 40 gp[1] or 20 gp.[2]


Alongside the sharrash and boomerang, the tangat is one of the ancestral weapons of the Talenta halflings. Talenta warriors can train all three together.[5][4]



  1. Artwork on page 119 of the Eberron Campaign Setting labels a scimitar-like weapon as a "Talenta tangat". However errata for the ECS (available here) state this is actually a Valenar scimitar and the tangat is shown on page 204. It is also likely to be the very similar weapon held by a halfling on page 17. Both are displayed in this article.
  2. The tangat is a two-handed weapon in 3rd edition and one-handed weapon in 4th edition, likely due to rules changes.



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