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Syrania, callled the Azure Sky, is one of the planes. It is an endless expanse of blue skies where large floating cities dot the skyline, each inhabited by angels.[1]


A skymage fights within the Syrania manifest zone of Sharn.

  • The only inhabitants of the plane of air are angels.[1] Those angels worship Dol Arrah, Olladra, and Onatar.[2]
  • Some angels, however, are stripped of their wings and banished from Syrania. These angels become radiant idols.[3]
  • Syrania is also the home to the prismatic golem or 'Syranian golem'.[1][4]

Manifest Zones[]

  • The most famous manifest zone of Syrania is in Sharn, the City of Towers. It is this manifest zone that keeps Sharn's many towers afloat.[1][3]


When Syrania is coterminous, the skies become bluer, and it is possible to cross the boundaries between Syrania and Eberron just by flying high into the atmosphere.[1]

When Syrania is remote, the sky turns grey and lightless black at night.[1]


In Vult, 998 YK, a rogue warforged attempted to sever the manifest zone between Syrania and Sharn, but was stopped by inquisitive Abraxis Wren.[5]




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