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1 Zarantyr 2 Olarune 3 Therendor 4 Eyre 5 Dravago 6 Nymm
7 Lharvion 8 Barrakas 9 Rhaan 10 Sypheros 11 Aryth 12 Vult

1 - Sul[]

  • The Ascension
    Silver-flame The Silver Flame
    This is a major holiday of the Silver Flame, which celebrates the life of Tira Miron, who sacrificed herself to become the Voice of the SIlver Flame and in the process founded the religion. This day is celebrated with a blessing ceremony.

2 - Mol[]

3 - Zol[]

4 - Wir[]

5 - Zor[]

6 - Far[]

  • Tain Gala
    City-icon Sharn   RepeatFirst Far of each month
    The Tain Gala is massive gala hosted by the powerful ir'Tain family. It is perhaps the most important social event in all of Sharn. The families of the Sixty, Sharn's de facto royalty, all have permanent invitations, while unusual and interesting celebrities are invited as entertainment - potentially including adventurers.

7 - Sar[]

8 - Sul[]

9 - Mol[]

10 - Zol[]

11 - Wir[]

12 - Zor[]

13 - Far[]

14 - Sar[]

15 - Sul[]

16 - Mol[]

17 - Zol[]

18 - Wir[]

The Dark Six
The Devourer | The Fury | The Keeper | The Mockery | The Shadow | The Traveler

   Repeat18-19 Sypheros
The Fury, a member of the Dark Six and the Sovereign of Rage and Ruin, is said to reach height of her power on this night, the 18th of Sypheros. Indeed, on this night people find it difficult to control their emotions and impulses. While some superstitious and introverted folk stay inside on this night, many use it as an excuse for partying, revelry, and riots. Whether this is due to a genuine magical effect on this night, or if it is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy, is unclear.

19 - Zor[]

20 - Far[]

21 - Sar[]

22 - Sul[]

23 - Mol[]

24 - Zol[]

25 - Wir[]

  • Saint Valtros's Day
    Silver-flame The Silver Flame
    This holiday celebrates the birthday of Saint Valtros, the first paladin to to start following the Silver Flame that was not already a paladin for another religion. This is the most minor of the Silver Flame's holy days.

26 - Zor[]

27 - Far[]

28 - Sar[]